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Safety Rules

These are the Rules for 2017.
General Rules
Safety Rules
Bog Rules
Drag Rules

1. Drivers are required to wear a D.O.T. approved helmet during competition. Helmet must be left in place until out of the pit, including pullback.

2. Eye protection – Face shields, safety glasses, or goggles are required in all vehicles without windshields or top.

3. Lap seats belts or 4-point harness is required for Street Stock and Super Stock classes. Pro Stock, Modified, and Unlimited classes must have 4-point harnesses.

4. Modified Unlimited vehicles running alcohol or nitrous must have outside kill switch and be accessible if vehicle is on side or top. Driver will be responsible to inform officials of switch operation. Kill cable hook up is optional to driver, notify officials at time of tech.

5. Roll bars must be of adequate stability and securely mounted, .090 thickness roll bar is required in Pro Stock, Modified, and Unlimited vehicles if vehicle is gutted or any structural component removed or cab back is open (i.e. Blazer/Bronco). Roll bar required in all open top vehicles and also in Super Stock vehicles with open cab back.

6. Modified and Unlimited classes require 360 degree drive shaft loops – 3 inches wide and approximately ΒΌ inch thick aluminum or 1/8 inch steel around each universal joint. Recommended for Super Stock and Pro Stock.

7. Transmission blanket or shield must be SFI approved – required in Modified, Unlimited, and Pro Stock. If competing in class lower than Pro Stock and also racing in Pro Stock then not required.

8. Mechanical clutch equipped vehicles must have an NHRA approved explosion proof bell housing with block saver plate required in Modified, Unlimited, and Pro Stock.

9. Double return springs required on accelerator linkage.

10. Side bar required if vehicle is without a driver side door for Super Stock, Pro Stock, Modified, and Unlimited classes.

11. Parents must sign a waiver for children under 16 years of age present in the pit area. Parents are responsible for the behavior, conduct, and supervision of their children.

12. Any vehicle using nitrous or alcohol, driver must wear fire suit including jacket, pants, and helmet.

13. Neck collars required in Pro Stock, Modified, and Unlimited classes.